Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1777 - a detail on one of John Bacon's most famous Chimney-piece muses.
Collection of hand wrought Chimney-Piece cramps and holdfasts in iron and bronze, predominantly late 18th Century.
Late 18th Century Chimney-piece probably from the Devall Workshop.
A collection of items discovered during dismantling: an Oyster shell from someone's lunch, a handmade pot, and a shoe - commonly placed in the flue to ward off witches.
Detail of a Breccia Violette frieze, illustrating the French manner of carving in variegated marbles.

Welcome to Melluish and Davis Associates Ltd

We are a small company specialising in the in the removal, restoration and re-installation of antique Chimney-pieces.

The presentation above shows the reinstallation of a 1770s Chimney-piece, as condensed from two and a half days to a few seconds. Our research report, which can be found on the research page, provides some detail on the history of this impressive piece, and some interesting detail on the process of its production that only became apparent during its restoration.