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Ormolu and Statuary Pair

Larger of the two is depicted.

One of an almost identical pair of statuary marble chimney-pieces, removed from an early 18th century London town house, with full planning permission. The two chimney-pieces, which retain their original six piece, cast-iron linings date to the very early 20th century, circa 1912, and were probably formed in England but using Italian marble. Each chimney-piece is formed from a very pure statuary marble and has sharply sunken panels to the frieze and jambs. One of the cast iron fire backs, has a fracture line running through it, the consequence of being used for a real fire for fifty or so years, but the two are otherwise in very good condition. The ormolu mounts on the central tablet, the blockings and to the tops of the jambs are however modern for the originals had been lost and replaced, probably in the 1960s, with some ungainly composite ornaments. This chimney-piece has been set up on a Gioia marble slab to provide an indication of the pureness of the chimney-pieces’ statuary marble. Details of the house this and its companion chimney-piece (which is marginally smaller) were removed from will be provided to the purchaser.


Shelf Width                60 ½” x 12” deep    (1537mm x 305mm)

Height                         44” (1118mm)

Aperture Width           45 ¼” (1148mm)

Aperture Height          35 ¾” (908mm)

Linings Depth             18” (458mm)

Slab Width                  58 ½” Wide (1486mm) x 500mm plus 2 no returns at 6” (153mm)