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Porphyry and Statuary Marble

Statuary, Red Egyptian Porphyry & Green Pietra Dura marble chimney-piece in the manner of late 18th Century Rome.

Following the restoration of a number of late 18th century Roman chimney-pieces formed from a combination of statuary marble, antique marble from the Roman period, and ormolu we decided to produce a simpler smaller model, which would work in a contemporary room setting. This example has solid panels of red Egyptian porphyry set into solid blocks of statuary marble with ormolu beading.

In the late 18th century many Roman chimney-pieces were finished by using blocks of differently coloured ancient Roman marble to form a lower plinth, and in this instance we have, following their example, introduced two sections of green Pietra Dura marble.


Aperture Height: 37 3/8” 950 mm
Aperture Width: 41 ½” 1054 mm
Cornice Width: 59 7/8” 1520 mm
Cornice Depth: 7 ¾” 197 mm
Height: 46 ¼” 1175 mm
Slab Width: 54 ¾” 1390 mm