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Portland Stone Hall

A Portland Stone Hall chimney-piece, copied from a Regency period original.

This is a contemporary copy of a very early 19th century, Greek revival, hall chimney-piece of extraordinary elegance. We have produced other examples of these in Derbyshire Fossil , this model has been cut from Portland stone, which was commonly used for many hall chimney-pieces during the Georgian era. The white stone being both durable and having light reflective properties. This type of design became popular in the first decade of the 19th century and a related design (featured below) was published by the architect W. F. Pocock within his “Modern Finishings for Rooms:” 1811.


Aperture Height: 38 1/8” 968 mm
Aperture Width: 38 ¾” 984 mm
Cornice Width: 54 7/8” 1394 mm
Cornice Depth: 3 ½” 90 mm
Height: 51 ½” 1308 mm
Width: 58 1/16” 1475 mm
Slab Width: 58 1/16” 1475 mm