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Statuary and Black and White Granite Pair

One of a pair of simple, refined, contemporary statuary and Black and White Granite Chimney-pieces in the manner of those produced in Rome at the end of the 18th century by sculptors such as Cardelli.
Let into the solid blocks of Statuary marble are sections of veneered antique Black and White Granite. Framing the panels are lengths of ormolu bead mouldings and the blockings are also decorated with gilded ormolu Pateraes. In the late 18th century manner the  statuary marble plinths are carved, and raised, in the traditional Roman fashion, upon plinths formed from veneered antique Breccia d’Alep marble.

Aperture Height: 39 ¾” 1010 mm
Aperture Width: 41 ¼” 1048 mm
Cornice Width: 60 3/8” 1533 mm
Cornice Depth: 8 3/8” 212 mm
Height: 48 ½” 1232 mm
Width: 54 13/16” 1390 mm
Slab Width: 57 ¾” 1267 mm