James Gillray’s ‘Advantages of wearing Muslin Dreഽses!- dedicated to the serious attention of the Faഽhionable Ladies of Great Britain’. A charming introduction to our terminology page.

This 1802 print illustrates the important focal point of the chimney-piece within an entertaining room during the Georgian period, particularly the use of the Pantheon Stove Grate, which was often instrumental in the boiling of a kettle for tea.

Current terminology rarely adequately addresses the three dimensional requirements and the complexities of working on Georgian Chimney-pieces. Having a thorough understanding of the terminology used during the Georgian period helps us to understand the construction of these Chimney-pieces and better enables us to work upon them. It is these, Georgian, terms that we use to draw up reports on chimney-pieces, and it is these terms that assist us in correctly repairing and restoring Chimney-pieces.
The image below reveals the distinct parts of the Chimney-piece installed on a chimney-breast, from the supporting brick structures and fire prevention, to the ornate Chimney-piece and the importance of the slab, click through for details.